Food provides the very molecular fabric from which our bodies are woven, that much is true. But our relationship to food, to our sourcing, preparing, sharing and enjoyment of it, also reveals and informs the very structure of our souls.

Sayer Ji, founder of Greenmedinfo.com, and Tania Melkonian, chef, foodie, writer, combine forces to provide both edible educational sessions (where food is prepared, consumed and discussed), as well as a series of writing projects, including a book, and various essays and blogs, freely distributed through our website and Facebook page.

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  1. As a researcher, I see that your comments are not as forceful as they would be if made with the suggestion that larger studies need to be designed and funded to insure the safety of the product, but that these indications from the smaller studies should lead the more cautious consumers to avoid this synthesized product in favor of naturally sweet products such as stevia leaf and sweet mints that can be grown at home and used fresh or dried and unaltered. Unfortunately, subject choice and subject number do tend to limit the resulting statement and recognizing that gives greater not less importance to your comments. If I were diabetic, I might want to continue with the risks, but actually with all your wonderful information, I gave up all synthetic sweetners and GMOs long ago!
    Fortunately can grow most of my food at home.

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