gf – gluten-free
vt- vegetarian
v- vegan
p- paleo
df – dairy-free

EATomology photos - Nacho bites

#1 Fresh Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce (v,gf)

#2 Broccoli-Mac Nut Napoleon Polenta Cakes with Coconut Croutons (v,gf)

#3 Corn Chowder and Tortilla Strips (v,gf)

#4 Mediterranean Stuffed Baked Tomatoes (vt,gf)

#5 Braised Grass-Fed Beef Ribs and Fennel (gf,p)

**Also available: Raspberry-Lemon Pie & Dark Chocolate-Cherry Torte (v,gf, grain-free)

Order 4 – 10 meals. Place order by Friday for following Tuesday pick/up through

**Order desserts by portion $5.00/each or entire cake (serves 8) for $30.00

EATomology photo raspberry dessert

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