This Week’s Menu

gf – gluten-free
vt- vegetarian
v- vegan
p- paleo
df – dairy-free


#1 Kale Rolls of Curried Root Trio (Red Skin – Peruvian Blue – Carrots) with Cashew Cream and Coconut Croutons (v,gf,df)

#2 Gluten-Free Leek & Goat Cheese Quiche (gf,vt)

#3 Harissa Pumpkin Soup with ‘Cheesy’  Homemade Corn Chips (v,gf,p)

#4 Rice Paper Parcels of Butternut Squash and Pine Nuts served with Tomato ‘Caviar’ Sauce (v,gf,df)

Side: Roasted Beets and Haricots Verts (v,gf,df,p)


Order 4 – 10 meals.  Place order by Thursday for following Monday through EATomology@gmail.comEAtomology photo: Kale Rolls

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