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We got some questions about the curry paste called for in the CARROT SOUP recipe. If you are going for store bought, we like the Thai Curry paste made by Asian Creation. Here’s a recipe for an easy homemade one inspired by one of my favorite food artists, Australian Donna Hay. To keep things simple, … Continue reading

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GHEE: Instructions on clarity….with clarity

Ghee is clarified butter.  Separating the milk solids from butter makes it liquid at room temperature as opposed to colloidal (soft, squishy solid) and renders it more digestible to humans and more stable for high-heat cooking.  Ghee is the preferred cooking fat in Indian cuisine and its Sattvic (balance-promoting) roots come from the ancient and … Continue reading

Foods that promote inner peace…..

Join us at Eyes Wide Open Florida Metaphysical Center on Saturday Sept 21 for Peace Day Celebrations including a buffet dinner and Edible Education Experience featuring foods that promote inner peace:  Curried Carrot Soup*Kale Wraps*Salad of Mixed, Organic Greens with fresh berry dressing*Cashew Stuffed Peppers* Spiced Quinoa Fruit Salad For more information and to register, … Continue reading